Poetry Samples


Let’s breathe every day

In hopes to truncate the
Unpleasantries of every single day,
Whimsical dramas that sprinkle
Dramatic petty bulls
Let’s close our eyes
And cool away from all the fools
And release the hidden tension
And give our minds a touch of yoga’s cool

Yoga for a third eye
The invisible light only we can find
Stretch the spirit for clarity
And bring the yoga mind to a sheep animation
Like soft infinite clouds
To achieve the yoga dream
Align synchronicity with the body, heart and mind
Like long, curious roots to the deepest earth
Activate the yoga limbs
And bring ourselves to a spiritual world we haven’t been

Hum in yoga silence
And dance as a pair with the yoga light
Let the yoga invigoration takeover
And allow ourselves to laugh at life
Let the yoga spirit rise
Tomorrow, we start clean and anew
Today, we can let light and clarity become our finest tool

John Archievald Gotera  © 2015

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