Misty Dawn Road

Misty Dawn Road began taking form around late 2006 and developed subtle changes over the years. This compilation sheets itself with myriad layers of themes which includes wisdom, optimism, passion, nostalgia, and dreams. Engross yourself in this magical journey of thirteen poems, each one unique with its own story, yet dovetails so beautifully to create a masterpiece. Misty Dawn Road strikes off with the optimistic poem titled, “Believe Me”. Whirls of optimism stretch further with the enlightening poem, “The Moon My Guide”, which surrounds itself with an eerie touch. Listen for some bravado-angst that calls for love over lust in “Crash and Go”. The crashing doesn’t end there once you collide yourself into a futuristic, doomed Earth that resides within the poem, “My Arrival at Midnight City”. You’ll be jumping in for a hauntingly beautiful, yet a riveting and magical ride. It all begins with one daring step into, Misty Dawn Road.

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