One Flesh, One Bad Costume

One Flesh, One Bad Costume: Sincerely, anonymonereal is a poetry compilation that primarily targets every introvert who is constantly in a struggle finding a balance between introversion and extroversion. For many of us, we love to seek and make new friends. Naturally, many of us are people pleasers; we constantly feel great helping others out and making them feel happy. But also, there are those unpleasant times when we feel the need to be a recluse in order to recharge our bodies and minds because the social world can at times be very exhausting and this holds especially true for those who are introverts. This introvert-oriented poetry e-book is a liberation of joy, empowerment, and a reassurance that it’s more than okay to be introvert. Furthermore, it is a mind-opener from a poetry stance for extroverts who may have a misunderstanding with the nature of introversion. My motto is that it is completely okay to make a whole room of friends as it as okay to make some alone time for yourself. Be proud of yourself for who you are! Let’s make a reconciliation between introversion and extroversion. We only have one flesh and one bad costume, so flaunt your individual self as freely as you wish to everyone!

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